Focusing our expertise brings a greater knowledge and understanding of your business. It allows us to concentrate on the dynamics of an ever evolving market whilst keeping abreast of the emerging needs and compliance requirements of disabilities and the potential impact to your industry.

AR&AS expertise has built up over many years with a deep understanding of all facets of access and special needs access. Our sector specialisation has created a focus on the particular sector, how they profile risk, requirement for compliance, demands of quality services and overall value delivery.

We are a trusted supplier to a variety of construction firms across Tier 1 through to Tier 4 and have developed a clear understanding of their rigorous contract management, procurement and risk processes and the demands expected of a service provider in their supply-chain.

Across the mining sector, we deal with a variety of specialist facility and consulting firms. Our services have been integrated across many new and in situ facilties and accommodation buildings.

Over many years we have worked on many exciting funded infrastructure projects across corporate, federal, state and local governments, as well as sport & recreation.

With a horizontal specialisation across healthcare, we work with a variety of speciaility spinal and disability wards, This connects us across projects with healthcare workers, doctors and occupational therapists and special needs consultants.

Insurance companies, such as TAC, RMIS and WorkCover services have worked closely with AR&AS for decades in addressing the needs of the insured.

We have designed many speciality access systems for the needs of our veterans with long-term relationships with the various DVA team in state and head offices.

The end user community sees AR&AS working closely with domestic and special needs as invalids become repartiated into their homes and communities. We work with speciality wards of the leading spinal injury hospitals, occupational therapists and access consultants across the country.

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