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Modular Ramps

Nexus Modular Series 3 Ramps

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The Nexus III Modular Ramp is a fully removable structure, customizable to suit both commercial & domestic applications. 


The prefabricated modules allow for minimal site disturbance, with domestic structures taking on average less than a day to install. This innovative design also allows for removal after the required term of use, as minimal fixings to existing structures means little/no damage is left upon removal.


The domestic Nexus design is offered in an Aluminium grit-coated checker plate to ensure R11 slip resistance compliance & power coated handrails in any colorbond color, however we can customize to suit with options such as perforated aluminium or galvanized handrailing.


Fully compliant to AS1428, this modular ramp system is suitable for domestic applications such as rentals & department housing, or commercial sites such as Libraries, Schools & construction sites.

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