The following are answers to common questions we receive:

1. Do ARAS provide free quotations or proposals?
Yes, we do not charge for this service.

2. What is our quotation turnaround time?
48 hours or up to one week for major proposals.

3. Do ARAS give ballpark figures?
Yes, ballpark figures can be given based on the amount of detailed information provided by you.

4. How do I know if a ramp will suit our situation?
Measure the height of the step and multiply by 14. This will provide you with the length of ramp required to meet Australian standards.

5. How much weight can a ramp carry?
Access ramps are built for human use, not machinery or vehicles. Our disability access ramps are certified up to 500kg/m2.

6. Does ARAS meet all required design legislation?
Yes, all of our products and services comply with the DDA Act 1992, BCA 2015, AS 1428 2009 and AS/NZ 1428.41 2009.

7. How long does it take to install a ramp?
Depending on the size, the general installation time frame on-site is two days.

8. My ramp has been damaged. What do I do?
Contact the ARAS helpline with photos of the damage so a solution can be arranged for you.

9. What happens when I don’t need my ramp anymore?
Freecall us on 1800 010 246. We’ll handle the removal.

10. Are ARAS a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) approved supplier?
Yes, we are a national accredited service provider for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

11. Do ARAS service and install their ramps nationally?
Yes, we have 9 offices nationally and offer installation services to all remote and city areas.

12. Is there a consultant that can perform an on-site inspection?
Yes, we offer an on-site design and consultation service. Please call for further details.

13. Can I apply for funding for ARAS goods and services?
Yes, we are approved service providers for all government funding agencies.

14. I have an extremely urgent need to an access solution, do we offer priority service?
Yes, we offer a high priority service as short as 5 working days.

15. Do ARAS provide warranty with their ramps?
Yes, ARAS provides a 7 year structural warranty to all products.

16. What colours can I get my ramp in?
Please refer to our finishings page for the complete Colorbond color range.

17. Can ARAS undertake minor building works when installing a ramp?
Yes we are licensed to undertake building works in every state of Australia.

The most common requirement for our ramps systems, prior to installation, is a concrete pad or path, with any shrubbery removed.

18. Does ARAS provide ramp hire?
Yes, however our minimum hire period for our ramp systems is three months. Please call for further details.

19. What materials are our ramps constructed from?
Handrails – Galvanised, aluminium or powder coated steel.

Flooring – Concrete, aluminium or timber.

20. Are our ramps slippery?
No, our flooring surfaces comply to all Australian standards for slip resistance, certified by CSIRO Australia.