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Customised Solutions

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By harnessing our own in-house scoping, design, drafting, manufacturing and finishing functions, supported by specialist teams of highly experienced engineers, consultants and trades staff, we customise ramp and access designs and engineering solutions specific to our client requirements.

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End to End Solutions

  • Assessed risk of DDA, BCA and AS

  • Designed & engineered to specification, materials sourced, fabrication, QA, tailored logistics, delivery & certified installation

  • Comprehensive warranty

  • Life-cycle support services

With over 25 years of disability industry experience and practical application of fully compliant ramp solutions, we can assist with improving safety and accessibility, regardless of the complexity.


To reduce development time and costs, we’ve engineered our products with complex customisation in mind.


We have been involved in a variety of key infrastructure projects over time for and on behalf of:


  • Federal, state & local governments

  • Contracting organisations for major infrastructure projects

  • Mining, accommodation facilities and community developments

  • Departments of Health, Education and Housing

  • Department of Veteran Affairs


We have the domain knowledge and in-house expertise to advise you on compliance and certification required to meet the rigours of DDA, Australian Standards and the Australian Building Codes.


Our support and sales teams provide our clients with genuine and reliable advice on the requirements and expectations of the desired solution, with key considerations concerning associated risks and logistics.



Customised Ramp Solutions

Double Story Access Steps

Concrete Ramp

Custom Threshold Ramp

Custom Footbridge

Custom Footbridge

Custom Disability Railing

Custom Driveway Ramp


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