Being a forward thinking organisation dedicated to a Lean business lifestyle, we follow standard processes, inspect our effectiveness daily and seek initiatives to identify and drive-out waste across our business and supply-chain. We are Lean practitioners committed to being the best at what we do.

The AR&AS company policies and procedures are mature and well documented being a key factor in maintaining efficiency, consistency and clear communication for our staff, partners and clients alike. Through a committed management team aligned to daily Customer Centric outcomes and ongoing dedicated to Continuous Improvement, our Lean business lifestyle underpinned by standard processes, policies and procedures assure benefits are achieved for our employees, clients and AR&AS.

Australian Ramp and Access Solutions Pty Limited is equal employment opportunity employer committed to the creation and ongoing commitment to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

We understand the importance of our rights and responsibilities under human rights and anti-discrimination laws of Federal and our State Governments. We have put in place effective anti-discrimination and anti-harassment procedures in our business as we feel this demonstrates a commitment to a fair workplace, the development of our employees, as well as the local communities where we operate.

For many years we have been dedicated to Australian apprentice programs, and regularly appoint apprentices to our workforce and work with them through the development regime. Our staff are our greatest asset and committed to the AR&AS cause, being aligned to our culture and operational goals, all of which which underpin the ongoing delivery of Continuous Improvement, productivity increase and efficiency gain.

If you are interested in learning more or reading our official statements, please select the relevant link and download one or all of our Statements and Policies.