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Ramp and Access Solutions

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We provide an extensive range of accessibility products and services for commercial and residential applications



Modular solutions with our Nexus Modular Series 3 and Series 4 ranges

Fully modularised steps, landings, ramps & hand rails.



Smaller, easy to relocate and deploy Mini, Portable and Rubber Ramps range

Quickly and simply enhance existing structures to improve safety and accessibility.

Mini Ramps Portable Folding Ramps Rubber Ramps


Bridge new access points in smaller spaces with our Modular Platform Steps and Landing solutions

Replace or create entry/exit points to improve access through and around existing structures.

More about our Steps and Landings

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 Our Approach and Process

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Whether you prefer an end-to-end solution conforming to your exact requirements, option a modularised system, or select an adaptable flat-pack design - or maybe a combination of all of the above, we're here to help.

Below we’ve outlined the process you’ll experience when it comes to tailor-made solutions.

Risk management and assessment - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions (disabled wheelchair accessibility customised solutions)

Determining the application

Establish a clear understanding of proposed ramp and access application, building type and associated risk.

Consulting through each milestone of the solution - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions (disabled wheelchair accessibility customised solutions)

Assessment results

Consultation will begin. This process involves assessing the best options, compliance requirements and clear scope of work required to achieve the desired final product.

CAD engineering and build plans - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions (disabled wheelchair accessibility customised solutions)

Digital design

From concept through design, our internal CAD experts & project teams validate engineering and build plans.

Committed to reliability and delivering solutions - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions (disabled wheelchair accessibility customised solutions)

Design approval

Once the client has approved the build proposal, we commit to our project plan and prepare the required material.

Engineering finishing and quality inspection - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions (disabled wheelchair accessibility customised solutions)

Design commissioning

The client project is commissioned and scheduled into our production and finishing facilities.

Monitoring critical milestones through Operating Maps - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions

Build process and monitoring

Critical milestones are monitored and quality assurance conducted throughout the entire fabrication and finishing processes.

Production assembly testing - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions

Testing and inspection

Test assembly and final inspection are triggered before handing the build to logistics.

Providing custom packaging, delivery and logistics solutions - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions


The product is packaged for delivery. We tailor packaging to assure protection of your system. Shipment is scheduled as per client requirements.

Certified installers conduct thorough hand-overs - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions


Certified installers perform a thorough and professional assembly and hand-over of your system.

Customer client satisfaction guaranteed - Local Australian Ramp and Access Solutions


Your feedback is vital to us, so upon finalisation of the deployment we ask you to complete our survey, which improves future processes.

If your application requires additional needs to meet expectations for the disabled community, we have the expertise to guide and assist you or your medical service support team, so feel free to give us a call.



Ready to begin? Get in touch:

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What Our Clients Say About Us

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"Australian Ramps & Access Solutions provide an excellent modular ramp system for wheelchair accessibility to both domestic and commercial buildings.The management and staff are always reviewing their product to make improvements on the product or installation process. The company's ability to produce one off components in difficult access situations makes this product truly versatile for anyone or the carer of anyone with restricted mobility."

Licensed Builder, New South Wales

"AR&AS is a very professional company with an exceptional product to suit nearly all situations. I have found Australian Ramps service outstanding with a great product selection. Australian Ramp product is an ingenious design. Their product is made with quality materials to a high standard, made as modules for easy erection, and fully adjustable to suit most surfaces. I have been very impressed with this product both as an installer and as a parent with a disabled child and will recommend AR&AS."

Certified Installer

"My experience with AR&AS has been on a professional basis. I have found their product, service and response times to be exceptional. They understand and comply with current Australian standards."

Government Department, Victoria

"Australian Ramp systems are easy to use and assemble. The company is good to deal with and help you out wherever they can. Their delivery times are quick and efficient. They are happy to customise ramps for your convenience."

Retail Outlet, Northern Territory

"I have found AR&AS to be professional, friendly and reliable. The product range is excellent, and build quality is high. I would not hesitate to recommend this company."

Government Department, Queensland

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your hard work installing the ramp for Amber in Mandurah. It looks absolutely fantastic and the family love it. The client has been able to get out and about on her wheelchair which is wonderful. Many many thanks for a great job."

Community Health Service, Western Australia

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Australian Ramp & Access Solutions are now approved providers for:



Lifetime Care and Support


Dept of Veteran Affairs  


Dept of Human Services

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