Welcome to AR&AS
The core business of Australian Ramp & Access Solutions is the innovative design, engineering, fabrication, delivery and installation of ramp and access solution, fully compliant to Australian Standards (AAS), Australian Building Codes (BCA) and the Australian Disabled Disabilities Act (DDA).

AR&AS’s experienced management team focusses on delivering projects that are value-driven, on-time, on-budget and to the highest level of workmanship, adapting practical home grown innovation developed specifically for our clients specific needs.

Being in the business for more than 25 years, we have applied deep industry knowledge and experience with practical engineering expertise to dimension all facets of our market needs. Such insight, creative design and development has our own innovation creating unique market-insights and clear market differentiation. Today AR&AS is the proud owner of a robust intellectual property portfolio and no less than 13 international patents. Such an innovation edge will lead us to new insights and a global presence.
AR&AS is able to provide a comprehensive range of innovative products and services that cover customised solutions, modularised and configurable systems though to a rapidly deployable and adaptable flat-pack range with easy to order and configure hand-rails, ramps, landings, steps with customised finishes.
Our professional service offerings encompass; advice and needs definition, design, risk mitigation through to project commissioning and hand-over. We complete projects no matter how large or small with integrity, a friendly professional approach, with compliance assured and truly satisfied outcomes.
Having a deep understanding and specialist knowledge of the special needs of our disabled community, AR&AS works with a variety of professional bodies around the country that include, occupational therapists, the healthcare community, speciality wards, architects, disability consultants and structural engineers. 


Occupational Therapy Australia 26th National Conference - Melbourne Exhibition & Conference Centre, 1st - 3rd July 2015 

Association of Consultants in Access Australia - National Conference & Trade Expo 7-9th October, 2015. Venue; Olympic Room, Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Drop by and talk to us at our stand we will be delighted to show you our latest innovations, solutions and discuss how we might be able to assist you


Our Offerings

Customised Solutions

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Customised Solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Modular Range - Steps, Landings, Ramps & Hand-Rails

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Fully modularised Steps, Landings, Ramps & Hand Rails.

Flat-Pack Range - Fully Configurable & Customisable

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Fully adaptable Flat-Pack Steps, Landings, Ramps & Hand Rails.


Our Approach

Risk Highly responsive for a clear understanding of proposed Ramp-Access application, building type and associated risk
Consult Consultative in working with you to assess best options, compliance requirements and clear scope of works
IMG 2439 From Concept through Design, our internal CAD experts & Project teams validate Engineering and Build Plans
Handshake With Client final approvals to simple and clear documentation, we commit to our Project Plan and Material sourcing
stock-photo-20112699-young-engineer-and-foreman The Client Project is commissioned then Scheduled into our Production and Finishing facilities
Project Plan 2 Critical milestones are monitored and Quality Assurance conducted throughout the whole fabrication/finishing process

Aseembly  Testing Test assembly and final inspection are triggered before handing to logistics

Logisitcs2 We customise packaging to assure protection of your system and shipment is scheduled to client requirements
Cert Installer Certified Installers conduct a thorough and professional commissioning and hand-over of your system
satisfaction guarantee copy Your feedback is vital so we ask you to complete our survey to confirm you are happy
So whether you prefer an end to end solution specified to your precise requirements, option a modularised system, or select an adaptable flat-pack design; or maybe a combination of all of the above, we are keen to assist you.

Should your needs be more specific to the needs of the Disability Community, we have the expertise to guide and assist you or your Medical Service Support team, so feel free to give us a call on:

Toll Free 1800 010 246 

We are Australian Ramp & Access Solutions Pty Limited and we will be happy to help you!